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So you made your own Zork website and want to join the ring ? Remember the ring now accepts any Interactive Fiction related sites. It's very easy. Three steps and you're done. 


Step1: Fill in the form below to submit your site to the Zork Webring. I will then check it to see that it is Zork or Interactive Fiction related and that it has no offensive or illegal content.

Step2: Should your site be accepted (which is highly likely) I will then Email you some HTML code that you can copy and paste into the main page of your site, which displays the ring. I will also let you know in the unlikely event of it being inappropriate and give you the reasons why.

Step3: When you have uploaded the code to your site Email me and I will check it works correctly then add you to the ring.

Simple! Now you will get increased hits at minimum hassle.

Submit site to The Zork Webring
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The webring image you automatically get is:

The Zork Webring

the Webring also has an alternate image, if you prefer this image Email me and I will send you the altered HTML code for it:

The Zork Webring