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>The Zork Webring 

Welcome to the new Homepage of the Zork webring. The ring now accepts any Interactive Fiction related site. The site layout has been revised. This first page will contain any news concerning the Zork webring. Click on the links to the left to access any other areas. 


August 5, 1999 
Completely new site layout, the whole site was redone from scratch.

August 28, 1999 
Johannes Mengel has decided to give up this ring after losing interest in Zork and due to the lack of current new Zork sites. So I, David Ledgard have agreed to take it over rather than see it abandoned. Due to the low number of Zork sites on the internet at present I have decided to also allow Interactive Fiction sites of any type to join this ring if they wish. This can only be beneficial to existing members as the ring will appear in more places on the internet where people interested in Zork can access it.

July 23, 2000 
Added menu frame to site.