Infocom Planetfall Science Fiction Game

Planetfall Cover Interactive Fiction / Text Adventure Science Fiction game based in Infocom's Planetfall / Stationfall Universe. Virtual duplicate of the original transcript with added responses, objects and locations. Some bits have been changed as they were illogical and or too easy. Also many Inform style standard responses have been changed to Infocom style responses and the sidekick character has expanded AI. Type 'help' for list of Commands and Game Rules at start of the game.

Example COMMANDS: examine, look, take, drop, open, close, inventory, north, east, south, west...


Planetfall on S.P.S. Feinstein (Stellar Patrol Ship):

De-coded using disinform 840KBytes WinZip File.

  • Text copy of the original Infocom Stationfall Transcript SPOILERS!!!!!
    Don't read this until you've played the game, otherwise it will give some of the puzzles away. Unless of course you've never played Interactive Fiction before and then you'll have to look at it and will get an idea of how it works. Which was after all what they were Written for. Try typing 'help' first in the game for a list of Commands and Game Rules.

    Inform 6 Computer Programming Language. Written by Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, and All-round Good Programmers. Princibly Graham Nelson an Oxford University, Mathematics Professor. i.e. Students of Mathematics and Designers.

    Object Code:  .inf
    Library File: .h add-on Library Code for Main Programme File .inf
    Run Code:     .z5
  • Source Code (95Kbytes) WinZip file [x1 .inf, x18 .h, x1 .doc, x1 .txt] SPOILERS!!!!!
    Don't read this until you've completed the game. This shows you how the game works and will teach you a lot more about Inform. The zip contains: spacest2.inf plus 18 .h library modules used by the main program, 3 are standard libraries written by other authors but are included as the game won't compile properly without them. There is also a documentation.htm file in text and wordpad format. It describes interesting features and how the program works. Files included are:
    • spacest2.inf
    • -> declarations.h
    • ->-> parser.h
    • ->-> verblib.h
    • ->-> asktellorder.h
    • ->-> replacement_procs.h
    • ->-> procs.h
    • ->-> classes.h - Note: class Room has attribute has light.
    [x15 .pas, x14 .tpu, x1 .exe] SPOILERS!!!!!
    Don't read this until you've completed the game. Basically writing an adventure game from scratch is more than any one person can manage particularly when you take into account the ammount of testing there is. Without an specialist programming language.
  • ->-> player.h
  • -> actors.h
  • -> dispenser.h
  • -> scooter.h
  • -> toolbox.h
  • -> barrier.h
  • -> map.h
  • -> extended_grammer.h
  • ->-> grammar.h
  • -> footnote.h
  • -> briefing_room.h
  • -> control.h
  • -> locktest.h
  • -> spacewait.h

    Planetfall Game Package

    Pascal Programming Language. "Elegent and Structured."

    I originally started programming the Science Fiction "Spacestation" the game in Pascal. This download is the final point I got to before switching to Inform and shows why it is much wiser to write adventure games using a specialist language than starting from scratch. Pascal Version Source and Run Code (92Kbytes) WinZip File [x15 .pas, x14 .tpu, x1 .exe] SPOILERS!!!!!
    Don't read this until you've completed the game. I did't have an adequate programming language as the improved and better version wasn't available in 1990. The download has the following files:

    • Spacestation.exe - run file
    • Infocom.pas - main file, all other files are library files
    • Actors.pas - has all actors in the game i.e. the fussbudget
    • Decoder.pas - has useful procedures that convert string words to enumerated types. Or th other way around. Decode double words, remove the's, and convert a string to lowercase. Toggle Bit Binary 32 i.e. Letter (0-255) and 65-90 ('A'..'Z') -> ('a'..'z') with AND 32 Operation.
    • general.pas - deals with status line, score and time, and hunger if you don't eat and find food with in so many CHRONS [See Manual].
    • Global.pas - holds the main game variables like room [ PLAYER IN AT THE MOMENT ], room names and doors, and sentence the parser is dealing with. Up to 8 words.
    • Map.pas - holds descriptions for all rooms in the game and procedures for all movement commands like look, north and sit.
    • obj.pas - holds definitions and characteristics (like attributes in Inform) of objects like heavy, wearable, and room_name. Also has the procedure for the inventory command which carries words over lines so half of it doesn't appear on the line above.
    • obj_char.pas - responses for eat and cut commands.
    • obj_drop.pas - deals with dropping objects including into other objects.
    • obj_lock.pas - deals with opening, closing, locking and unlocking objects.
    • obj_take.pas - deals with taking objects.
    • obj_wear.pas - deals with wearing and removing objects.
    • Parser.pas - gets words from a complete sentence up by looking for the SPACE Character (32), then calls commands and deals with each.
    • Spooler.pas - deals with standard errors, and stops text if more than one page. Until key pressed.
    • Types.pas - most global variables and constants are stored here including many different variable types. Also has functions to determine whether a variable is a room, object, direction or command.
    .tpu files are compiled versions of these libraries.

    Oh yeah, and DON'T - whatever you do - ring the telephone number on the ID Card that came with the Planetfall packaging. :-) I might add that the Planetfall Universe is Science Fiction, and Space Opera. Set in the Galactic Empire: "3rd Galactic Union."

    Spacestation Screenshot
    Screen Shot of the game being run using the PalmFrotz interpreter.

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