x8 Inform Libraries

Simple, industrialise and use libraries. Inform allows .h library files to be incorporated into your programme all you have to do is include the command Include "AskTellOrder.h"; for example at the top of your programme usually after Include "VerbLib"; which must always be included. The comments in each library will tell you if your include command needs to go elsewhere. Most libraries have been heavily tested both by their programmer and in games that have been in general use so are highly reliable. Some are written for Inform version 5.5, the current version is 6.15 so this may cause some problems but Inform is designed to be backward compatible. Here are some of the libraries I have come across that I found useful. Which libraries you choose to use really depends on what your programme is going to do and how professional you want to make it.

Virtually all libraries currently available can be found at

Study the source code for the above games and absorb the material in the following sites. Then apply a phenomenal amount of time and patience. Simple! :-)

If you want to write a transcript you might wish to contact me first so as to prevent the unlikely event of two people working on the same transcript. Once written I will include it on this site. It must contain the notice 'Not for commercial distribution' at the start of the game and preferably be somewhere I can download it from i.e. an ftp or internet site.

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