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Download for FREE:
  • .z5 and .dat Files Runnable using (664Kbytes) WinZip File To Run WinFrotz click on it and goto File/Open new story...

  • 1.66Mbtyes WinZip File - includes Frotz.exe and WInfocom.exe Interpreters; plus the following games: beyond_zork, bureaucracy, lgop, lurking, planetfall, sherlock, sorcerer, stationfall, zork1, zork2, zork3.
    Infocom was founded on June 22, 1979 by MIT staff and students led by Dave Lebling, Marc Blank, Albert Vezza, and Joel Berez and lasted as an independent company until 1986 when it was bought by Activision. Activision finally shut down the Infocom division in 1989, although they released some titles in the 1990s under the Infocom Zork brand. Activision abandoned the Infocom trademark in 2002. Steve Meretsky wrote some games too, as an Implementor with the Great Author Douglas Adams.

    • 959KBytes WinZip File - includes:
      • Winfocom.exe - Windows Emulator (RUN'er) - FREE not Copyrighted.
      • 7doctors - a Doctor Who Game - by
      • balances - by Graham Nelson, the Oxford Mathematics Professor who coded the Inform Language.
      • beyond_zork_sample - 'Beyond Zork - Example Transcript' by Allen Garvin, 1998. Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intellience, Compassion, Luck, Armor Class.
      • christminster - Set in an Ox-bridge College - by Graham Nelson
      • fifteen - play the 15 Puzzle on a Computer.
      • hadrian - by David Ledgard
      • jigsaw - by Graham Nelson
      • karn - 'Return to Karn' - by Patrick Wigfall.
      • library - all Quiet on the Library Front.
      • lost - 'The Lost Speelmaker' - by Neil James Brown - 1997
      • robots - 'ROBOTS - Another abuse of the Z-Machine', A nostalgic diversion by Trobjorn Andersson.
      • spacestation - Science Fiction Game by David Ledgard, type HELP to learn how to play it. Version 1 entered in 'Interactive Fiction Comp98'. Planetfal (c) Activision, Inc. Permission to use courtesy of Activision, Inc.
      • what_IF - 7 possbile Alternate Histories - by David Ledgard
      • zombies - a re-make of a Commodore PET Microcomputer Game - by David Ledgard
      • ztrek - early Star Trek Game - 'Super Z Trek' - incldues Phasors, Torpedoes, and Shields.

    • Lost New York runs using HTML TADS Interpretor 3 (216Kbytes) WinZip File

    • Zork 1-3 (199Kbytes) WinZip File - Authored 1981-83. Includes Winfocom.exe to Run the .DAT and .Z5 Files.
      Activision Surrended the Copywrite Patent on the three Zork's Years ago.
      That's right, it's FREE. No cone. Occasionly in this World you do get something for nothing. It's the Grand-daddy of them all - well the third game in the Trilogy. In Zork 1 you find a White House with a Mailbox, go in 'LOOK UNDER RUG' and enter the Great Underground Empire.

    • Planetfall and other Infocom Games from this server.
      Recommended Games include: Planetfall, Stationfall, Enchanter, Spellbinder, The Lucking Horror (not very scary really), and Bureaucracy (by Douglas Adams and Steve Meretsky) of Yonkers, New York.

    • Infocom Game Manuals - VERY GOOD.
Planetfall Cover

" picture is worth a thousand words and
we would rather give you the thousand words."
"It was great fun. It was the kind of fun that I
think [you have] when you are simultaneously
young and doing something that no one has
ever done before and succeeding at it, which
is even better."
Dave Lebling, Co-Author of Zork and many
other Infocom Games.

List of .z5 Inform Code Interactive Fiction Text Adventure Games

How to write an Interactive Fiction Text Adventure Inform Game Transcript 31 KBytes - goes through easy stages house01.inf - house08.inf gradually teaching you new Inform commands. Beginning with simple room descriptions and map directions, then adding objects...

Infocom Documentation Project

Infocom Planetfall and Stationfall Maps

What_IF Inform Game, an Essay or History about how World Events might have turned out differently

David Ledgard

what_if.z5 (57Kbytes) A game I entered in Comp2000. It's probably most interesting to people who have a interest in history, or Alternative histories. Just exploring the borderlands of IF like with the transcripts. Would have been better if I had allowed the player to make historic choices in the game covering all possibilities.

At the time people thought there might be money in Games from the Inform Programming Language Interactive Fiction community. A start up company called 'Red Grendel' had written an .z5 (Z-Code) Interpretor for the Mobile Phone, and it could have worked by typing digits 0-9. Unfortuantely the screen is too small, not like a like a stand alone Internet Ready PC you can find for peanuts in a second hand computer repair shop.

The game probably has a few spelling mistakes in the main 0-6 history files as I didn't have a speelchecker at the time. Why doesn't the Operating System come with a free Wordprocessor with Speelchecker with Icon link on the front page????? Also I'm a little bit dislecsic.

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